Below, you will find important dates and registration prices. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to the registration form. To avoid any confusion, please read this page carefully before filling out the registration form.

Abstract submission 01/15–03/15
Paper submission for award consideration 01/15–03/15
Early registration 01/15–04/10
Late registration 04/11–05/12
Partial registration refund 05/01
Registration: member, early FREE $225
Registration: member, late $25 $250
Registration: member, on-site $50 $275
Registration: non-member, early $25 $275
Registration: non-member, late $50 $300
Registration: non-member, on-site $75 $325
BBQ ticket $35
Banquet ticket: vegetarian, chicken, beef $41, $43, $45

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS. Society members pay a lower registration price than non-members. Student members save $25 and regular (i.e., non-student) members save $50. The annual membership rates for students and non-students are $33 and $66, respectively. On the bottom of this page, we have provided a link (Join HBES) that takes you to the Society's membership page. In addition to a reduced registration price, HBES members receive a free subscription to Evolution and Human Behavior, the official journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, and a reduced subscription price for Human Nature (click on "Special rate for society members!" on the lower right).

STUDENT COSTS. As you'll notice, there is no cost for student members to attend the conference. The Society is directly paying the cost of student registration, thereby making it free for students to attend. Non-student ("regular") attendees are not subsidizing student registration costs.

CONFIRM YOUR MEMBERSHIP. The conference registration form cannot verify whether or not you are an HBES member until after your registration is complete. Once you've registered, however, you will not be able to re-register. If you are not a member but registered as one, you will receive an email asking that you join the Society. Please save us the hassle of having to send these emails. If you have any doubt about your membership status, please click the Join HBES button on the bottom of this page to inquire.

REFUNDS. To cancel your registration, you must contact us no later than May 1, 2015. If you cancel before this date, we will refund your registration fee less a 30% cancelation fee. Refunds for cancelations made after May 1 are not guaranteed.

BBQ AND BANQUET. On the third page of the registration form ("Fee Selections"), you will have an opportunity to purchase tickets for the BBQ and Banquet Dinner. These are numeric fields. Please indicate the number of each type of ticket you would like (i.e., BBQ-meat, BBQ-vegetarian; Banquet-beef, Banquet-chicken, Banquet-vegetarian). We've given you the option of purchasing additional tickets if your family will also attend the meeting. Notes: (1) If you want to attend the Banquet, register early as the banquet hall can only accommodate 350 people; tickets may sell out. (2) You must register online by May 12 if you would like to attend either the BBQ or the Banquet Dinner; the caterers need a head count several weeks in advance, so you cannot purchase tickets during on-site registration.

RESIDENCE HALL. We have reserved rooms at the University's residence halls. These are considerably less expensive than an off-campus hotel. You can either share a room with someone else ("TWO person rate") for $37.25 per night or have a room to yourself ("SINGLE person rate") for $60 per night. These prices include breakfast. Please read through the following notes carefully.

  • For those booking a "SINGLE" room, you will be sharing a bathroom with others (i.e., the bedrooms are private, but the bathrooms are shared with other bedrooms).
  • You will select the dormitory option on the third page of the registration form ("Fee Selections"). You have two numeric fields indicating the number of nights you would like to stay in either a "TWO" or "SINGLE" person room. Please only input a number in one of these fields.
  • The conference will start on Wednesday, May 27, and end on Saturday, May 30. You can check in to the dorms on Tuesday, May 26, after 4:00 pm and stay until Sunday, May 31, with a 12:00 pm check-out.
  • If you request a "TWO" person room, you will have a chance to provide the name of the person with whom you would like to share the room on the following page ("Auxiliary Selections"). If you request a "TWO" person room but do not specify a roommate, we will assign you a roommate of the same gender if there is someone available; if not, you will be assigned to a "ONE" person room and must pay the higher rate.
  • For more information on the residence halls, visit the Lodging page.