The Organizing Committee invites authors to submit their research for presentation at the 27th HBES Conference. If you would like to submit a symposium, oral presentation, or poster abstract please read the contents of this page carefully.


  • PLENARY SESSION. There will be eight plenary talks by guest speakers. Go to the Conference Program page to learn more about these talks.
  • SYMPOSIUM SESSION. These sessions are composed of 3–4 thematically-related oral presentations. The length of individual presentations is 20 minutes (including questions) and symposia will be allowed a total of 60–80 minutes. You will need to submit a 250-word overall symposium abstract in addition to 200-word abstracts for each presentation.
  • GENERAL SESSION. These sessions are composed of stand-alone, 20-minute oral presentations (including questions). When possible, we will group presentations together by themes. You will need to submit a 200-word abstract describing your submission.
  • POSTER SESSION. The Poster Session will take place on Thursday, May 28. You will need to submit a 200-word abstract describing your submission.

DEADLINES. Abstracts must be submitted by March 15, 2015. For non-symposium submissions, authors should indicate their preference for an oral or a poster presentation. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Abstracts that do not meet professional standards will be rejected. First authors will be notified of the status of their submissions by e-mail on or after April 1, 2015.

SYMPOSIA GUIDELINES. The Program Committee encourages interested parties to organize and submit high-quality symposia. These sessions should address topics that are current, of interest to the general membership, and include participants from several institutions (i.e., please avoid submitting a symposium proposal comprised of similar presentations involving people from the same lab working on the same general research program). Symposia should consist of a series of three or four thematically-related 20-minute presentations. The symposium proposal consists of an overall abstract, a timetable with titles and names of authors of presentations, and the presentation abstracts.

ABSTRACT GUIDELINES. As the abstracts will be published and may be cited, they should summarize your work so that your study can be understood without additional information.

AWARDS. There are three awards that submissions may be eligible for: the NEW INVESTIGATOR award, the POST-DOCTORAL award, and the POSTER award. All poster submissions will automatically be considered. To be considered for the New Investigator or Post-Doctoral awards, you must submitted a first-authored manuscript along with your general session submission. Instructions are provided during the submission process.

NOTE. The online survey software we are using to collect abstract submissions does not send out email confirmations. Please don't assume that something went wrong if you didn't receive a confirmation; have faith that technology works. We do not want to send out individual confirmations as this takes a LOT of time. We will send out a confirmation for all submissions on March 16. If you do not receive a confirmation on that day, send an email to explaining that you had submitted an abstract but it wasn't received. Include all the submission information once more.